The types of photos I take


I have the most experience in taking pictures of 4 legged friends and family. I enjoy this a lot and believe that I have the technical skills to take some of the best pictures of your pet that have ever been taken.

Animal pictures are great, but I also take up assignments for human photography as well. This sort of assignment usually is for a special event by someone known well to me - either a birthday party, a christening or even an Indian wedding !

Given my experience of shooting a range of subjects, you can be rest assured that the pictures are going to be extraordinary and call really preserve your memories!

My approach to taking pictures


I normally like to understand my subjects by spending some time either with them or observing them. This is important for me, because using this information, I am able to guess the most interesting angles for customers.

For the Indian wedding I took pictures at (the first such wedding I attended), I spent 3 days with the bride, groom and the family to get to know things in detail. This ensured that when the actual wedding took place, I already knew the angles i would capture! This blog about Indian wedding clothes has featured pictures from the first and some of the subsequent weddings that I have shot.


Why you should choose Platinum Paw Photography


There are many other photographers out there, all of which have an internet presence so the question is why go with me instead of another photography company? What sets me apart?

Well I have going on for 10 years experience, I offer competative prices, but best of all I gaurentee that I will always do my upmost to provide you with the photos you want down to the style and tone. I want you to love the photos, so therefore I try to take a personal approach where I will find out a little bit about you and what you're looking for. I will then tailor the type of photos I take to suit your individual needs, wants and most of all tastes.

With every photo I take, I want it to showcase the personality and emotions of the subject whether it is from a wedding, a portrait photo or an animal photo. The aim is to cause an emotionally charged reaction.


"I hired Platinum Paw Photography to take some family portraits after the birth of my son. I was so thrilled with the photos that I made sure my sister used them for her wedding - it was a huge success!"

- Jeneane Smith